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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Power supply to control system

With the introduction of  PLC (Programmable Control Logic) into industrial automation, the use of 24 VDC power supply become a norm.

Industrial automation company such as Allen Bradley and Siemens, together with others companies like Phoenix, Omron and etc. do supply high quality power supply units. These are normally quite high in cost and they are claimed to be "more safe and stable".

After all,
  1. Are this claims justify the duty they provided?
  2. What is the differences between this and normal 24 Volts DC power supply unit?
  3. Is there any possibility that we can repair the power supply unit ourselves?
On browsing the internet, I come across this Power Supply Repair E-Handbook and believe it will give you the answer. You can checkout here to buy the product.

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