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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2015-07-08, train on panelview plus

I was reported that the AllenBradley panelview plus 600 on two of the packing machines.

On checking with them, the message displayed was FATAL FAULT 3A.

While tracing, noted the terminal status indicator has blinking green comm and stead red Fault. As per manual, advice to replace the panelview.

I further check and found that fault 3A is a start up fault and related to stuck touch. Thus I think it may means the touch screen.

Notices that they were some old units of same panel view. Thus decide to dismantle and make use of the old panel view touch screen.

After the action, I managed to re use one of the unit.

With such action, a saving of RM1200 for suck repair because buying and replacing the unit will cost that much.

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