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Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015-07-Another busy day

Due to the problem faced amidnight on roll oven, I can carried out another training to the staffs on the ignition cycle of the burners system on the Baker Thermal Roll oven.

Starting on the importance of purging cycle related to safety issue. Follow up with the reason of having zero pressure regulator again to minimize gas leakage potential into the plant.

As gas pressure is at zero atmospheric pressure, then the function of air fuel mixing valve, and to "suck" gas into the burner.

The cycle of igniting follow by flame detection system was explained too.

After that, get related personnel to carry out necessary service to rectify problem of oven firing up to temperature slow.

Another training carried out today is to train three existung engineer on linking notebook to HMI, uploading runtime program from HMI, import to AB factory talk view studio, converting into latest version of runtime and download back to HMI.

Trouble shooting steps were trained to another team on the refrigeration system and how to check the signal feed back from pressure transducer.

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